Fry's Rewards Card

Each customer of Fry's store can use ⭐️ VIP Rewards Card and receive a discount on supermarket products and a discount on Fry's gasoline in the supermarket chain, it is also valid in the chain of pharmacies.

How to get a Fry's Rewards Card?

To get a card you need to go to the cashier and ask for a VIP customer card.

After that, the buyer needs to register it on the official website of the store, only after that it becomes working and can be used to get a discount.

How to register Fry's V.I.P. Card

You can register a card through the official website of the supermarket, to do this you need to do the following steps, which are described in detail in the following material

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account
  3. Fill out a form with your personal information
  4. Complete the activation

After completing this procedure, the buyer can use his discount card.

To do this, hand your VIP card to the cashier when you pay at the checkout to get a discount.

What is My Fry's VIP Card Number

You can find out the card number on the plastic, it is 12 or 13 figures on one of the sides.

You can also get this information through the store's mobile app or at in your personal cabinet.

lost My Fry's VIP Card

If a customer loses his/her supermarket VIP bonus card he/she has to block it within 24 hours in order to prevent its use by malefactors.

To do this, contact the support service at the number given in the following material:


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