Fry's Reward Card Sign in

You can sign in to the Fry's store card account in several ways ⭐️: through the supermarket's official website or through the mobile app. The first thing you need to do is create an account.

Creating Frys Reward Card Account

To create a new account as a member of the rewards program, customers need to follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign Up" button
  • Fill in all the fields in the form with your email and password.
  • Fill in your card number, first name and last name.
  • Choose a store
  • Click "Create account" button

Confirm registration through a link that will come to the email address you provided during registration.

SignIn Frys App Account

Once the registration is complete, the buyer can log in to. Your Account. To do this, the following steps are required:

  • Go to
  • Press "Sign in" button
  • Enter your card number or email
  • Enter password to login
  • Click "Sign in to account"

Once logged in, the buyer will have access to information on the number of accumulated bonuses and promotional offers of the retailer.

Log In Frys account by App

The second way to sign in to your account is to use the free mobile app:

  • Download the Frys app on your phone - how to download the Frys app
  • Open the app on your phone
  • Enter your username and password
  • Press "sign in" button

You can download the mobile app from the official smartphone app stores GooglePlay and AppStore.


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