Frys Gas Rewards

Fry's gas station bonus program allows customers to receive ⭐️ a discount on gasoline in exchange for accumulated points from their purchases.

How Much are Fry's Fuel Points Worth

By shopping at Fry's supermarkets, customers can participate in a bonus program and accumulate points for their purchases, which can be redeemed for a discount on fuel at the company's network of gas stations.

For every dollar spent, a customer gets 1 point on his or her customer card.

One point equals one cent. For example, you can redeem 200 points for 30 cents off.

Fry's Fuel Points Balance

Check the accumulated number of points you can do in the following ways:

  • On the store's official website
  • On mobile application
  • At the gas station cash register
  • Calling the customer support number

The most convenient way is to use the mobile app on your smartphone.

Fry's Fuel Rewards Customer Service

If you've lost your card or want to know your balance or have any other questions, call our customer service number - 1-800-576-43-77.


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